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Why is Personal Trainer Insurance Needed?

Personal Trainers work hard to ensure their clients’ health and wellness. Personal Trainer Insurance works hard to make sure the trainer’s financial wellbeing is protected. Every time a personal trainer steps into their role, whether it be at the gym, in a studio, or at a client’s home, the potential for an accident exists. Despite best efforts and professionalism, unforeseen accidents can happen. Personal Trainer Insurance protects against financial losses that can result from damage to equipment, injury to a client, and allegations the personal trainer did not fulfill their professional duties. Clients expect professionals to be insured for the services they provide, and most gym and studio owners require evidence of insurance to operate from their facilities.


The following information is offered as a snapshot of the coverages provided through the American Specialty Express personal trainer insurance program. For a complete description of coverages and exclusions, the policies should be read and reviewed in detail. The precise coverage afforded is subject to the terms and conditions of the policies as issued.

What Does Personal Trainer Insurance Provide?

Personal Trainer Insurance provides essential financial protection for personal trainers or instructors. When people rely on expertise and advice related for their physical fitness, the stakes are high. When gym owners, studios and homeowners alike give access to their property to deliver services, they place a high level of trust in the trainer. Personal Trainer Insurance protects the trainer if things don’t go according to plan. Personal Trainer Insurance will pay defense costs if a trainer is accused of contributing to a client’s injury through their actions, inactions, or advice and will pay damages if they are financially responsible. It will do the same if the allegation involves damage to a client’s or gym owner’s property.

Personal Trainer Insurance is a must for any personal trainer who utilizes a local gym or studio to work with clients. Venues require evidence of insurance to use their facilities and equipment. Don’t let insurance stand in the way of working with clients at the best venues in town. With Personal Trainer Insurance through us, obtaining evidence of insurance is a breeze and can be done instantly. Need coverage for multiple locations? No problem! Additional insured status can be added at no additional cost anywhere it’s required.

I am still not certain Personal Trainer Insurance is needed. Can you provide some examples of when it would be used?

Here are some potential scenarios where Personal Trainer Insurance would provide protection:
1.    A client meets their personal trainer at the gym, eager and ready to learn all about the different types of equipment. She excitedly tells the trainer she hasn’t been in a gym for 25 years. During the orientation, smaller free weights are used. When she goes to put the barbell back on the rack, she somehow loses her grip, drops it on her foot, and sustains a fracture. Even though the personal trainer could not have foreseen or prevented this injury, she gets a personal injury attorney and the trainer receives a letter demanding payment for her medical bills and lost wages. The personal trainer sends us the letter, and we get to the task of defending the trainer and covering any damages. 
2.    A client has been training with their personal trainer for several months and has been really pleased with his results. He reports having more energy, losing weight, and feeling more motivated at work. The personal trainer is surprised when he discontinues his sessions without any explanation and is even more surprised when a letter is received months later asking to reimburse his medical bills for three months of physical therapy visits. In his letter, he indicates the personal trainer should have recognized his overuse injury and modified his personal training sessions accordingly even though it was never mentioned. He indicates he would like to settle this “out of court” and won’t tell others about his bad experience if the personal trainer sends payment immediately. The letter is passed along to us and we respond by providing a defense and helping navigate through this uncomfortable situation.

How Can I Get More Information?

If purchasing insurance without interacting with another human being is not your thing, please get in touch with us! You can call us, chat with us online, or send us an email. Computers are great, but you are buying your personal trainer insurance from real people who want you to ensure you have the right protection for your personal training services. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why Should Personal Trainer Insurance be purchased through American Specialty Express?

When clients are demanding personal attention to meet their fitness goals, time is a precious commodity. Insurance quotes can be done quickly and purchasing takes only a few additional seconds! Insurance often requires a waiting period before it can go into effect, but last-minute is no problem with American Specialty Express. Personal Trainer Insurance can be purchased and effective the next day.
Additionally, if services are delivered at multiple locations, multiple additional insureds can be added—and for no additional cost! Need a copy of the policy? Simply get online anytime and access the account to print a copy of the insurance policy/certificate of insurance, enter an additional location, add an additional insured, review coverage, or report a claim. When buying insurance, the hope is that don’t need to use it. But if it is needed, an easy and hassle-free process what we’ll deliver.

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