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Why do events need insurance?

When it comes to planning an event, don’t forget to purchase insurance! People make fundraisers, parties, birthdays and celebrations fun and memorable, but event insurance provides peace-of-mind knowing an event is protected. From securing the venue to protecting the financial well-being of the organizer, insurance is the first step toward ensuring that everyone has a great time.


The following information is offered as a snapshot of the coverages provided through the American Specialty Express event insurance program. For a complete description of coverages and exclusions, the policies should be read and reviewed in detail. The precise coverage afforded is subject to the terms and conditions of the policies as issued.

What does event liability insurance provide?

Event liability insurance has two primary purposes. First, it ensures the venue of choice can be secured. Most event venues require a certificate of insurance in order to reserve the venue. With event insurance through American Specialty Express, you can download certificates of insurance instantly after the purchase is complete. If “Additional Insured” status is needed, it can be added for no additional premium.


In addition to meeting the venue’s requirements, event insurance provides protection when injuries or damages occur at the event. Whether it’s a quinceañera, bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, charity auction, dinner fundraiser, class reunion or wedding, accidents can happen anytime people gather together. It’s best to plan for flawless festivities, but insurance will protect your event in case something goes wrong.

What Events Are Eligible In This Program?

We cover an incredible variety of events of all sizes. If you don’t see your event listed here, contact us.


Association Meeting

Anniversary Party

Antique Show

Auto Show (static only)

Award Presentation

Baby Shower

Bake Sale




Bar Mitzvah

Bat Mitzvah


Beauty Pageant

Belly Dancing Class

Billiard Event

Bingo Event

Birthday Party

Blackjack Event

Block Party

Boat Show (dry dock only)

Body Building Event

Book Signing


Bridal Shower


Business Party

Business Show

Camera Show

Car Show (static only)

Card Show

Caricature Sketching

Caroling Event (single location only)

Casino Show

Chamber of Commerce Event

Charity Auction/Benefit

Charity Dance

Charity Sale

Chess Event

Choir - Performance

Christmas Lighting

Church Meeting

Church Service

Civic Club Meeting

Classical Dance Show

Classical Music Concert

Comedy Show

Company/Corporate Retreat (not overnight)

Computer Show

Concert - 50's Music

Concert - 60's Music

Concert - 70's Music

Concert - 80's Music

Concert - Blues Music

Concert - Celtic Music

Concert - Chamber Music

Concert - Christian

Concert - Classical Music

Concert - Country Music

Concert - Folk Music

Concert - Holiday Music

Concert - Instrumental

Concert - Jazz and Jam

Concert - Pop/Cover Band

Concert - Symphony

Consignment Sale

Consumer Show


Costume Contest

Craft Show

Dance Recital

Dance Show - Classical

Debutant Ball


Disc Golf Event

Drill Team Exhibition

Easter Egg Hunt

Educational Exhibition

Electronics Convention

E-sports Tournaments

Estate Sale

Farmer's Market

Fashion Show

Festival & Cultural Event (no parades)

Festival & Fair - No Rides

Film Screening

Film Shoot - No Stunt Exposure Allowed

Film Showing

First Communion

Fishing Event

Flea Market

Flower and Garden Shows

Frisbee Golf Event

Fund Raising Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Funeral Service

Garden Show

Gift Exchange

Graduation - Social Reception / Ceremony

Harvest Festival - No Farm Implements or Equipment

Historical Re-Enactment No Weapons

Holiday Party - Not Haunted

Home Show

Job Fair

Ladies Club Event

Laser Tag Event - Indoor Only



Magic Show

Math Tournament

Memorial Service

Menorah Lighting

Mobile Home Show

Monte Carlo Night

Movie Release Party

Music Recording In Studio Premises Only

New Years Eve Party - No Charge for Admission / Invite Only

Old Timer Event


Party (anniversary, birthday, graduation, retirement)

Photo Shoot

Picnic - (No water activities)

Ping Pong

Play - Theatre, Theater Event

Play Reading

Poet or Poetry Reading

Poker Event; Card Game

Product Debut

Prom or formal dance



Religious assembly

Retirement Party


Rummage Sale

School band or drill team competition

School carnival (no rides)


Show (antique, art, auto - static display, boat, business)

Show (consumer, craft, fashion, flower, garden, home, RV, trade, vacation)

Snooker Game

Snooker Tournament

Social Reception

Speaking Engagement

Stage Plays

Store Opening

Story Telling

Street Fair

Swap meet

Sweet 16 Party

Symphony Concert

Talent Show (no rap, hip hop, heavy metal or hard rock music)

Tap Dancing



Texas Hold 'Em Event

Theatrical Stage Performance

Trade Show

Truck Show - Static Only

Union Meeting

Vacation Show

Video Game Contest

Voter Registration


Wedding Reception

Wedding Rehearsal

Wine Tasting

Yard Sale

Yoga Class

Yoga Event

What are some examples of when event insurance would be used?

These are just a few examples of when event insurance will provide peace of mind and protection when things go wrong.


Scenario 1: The birthday party happened just as imagined: great music, fabulous food and the birthday girl was completely surprised! Unfortunately, when the decorations were taken down at the end of the night, the walls and lights had been discolored from the decorations. The venue needs to have the walls painted and lights replaced. The bill totals $7,500 and the contract requires the event host to pay it.


Scenario 2: The not-for-profit fundraiser consisted of dinner, an auction and a performance by a local band. Many of the guests were dancing when a beverage was spilled on the dance floor, causing a guest to fall and break his leg. The injured guest promptly calls a personal injury attorney who demands over $50,000 reimbursement for the client’s medical bills, pain and suffering and lost income.


Don’t leave your event’s success to chance. With our variety of low-cost insurance solutions, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes at you.

Where can I find more information?

Even though this is an online program, we are available if you have questions. Call us, chat with us online or send us an email. Our event insurance program is provided by real people who want to help—that’s what special feels like with American Specialty Express. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


Why should I purchase coverage through American Specialty Express?

American Specialty Express delivers the ability to quote and buy affordable event insurance immediately and come back to your account anytime. Event insurance can be purchased the day before the event, and you can get all the needed documents online. Once coverage is purchased, eligible additional insureds can be added for no additional cost. Need a copy of the policy? Simply go online anytime to print a copy of the insurance policy/certificate of insurance, add an additional insured, review coverage or report a claim. Hopefully nothing goes wrong at the event, but if it does, we provide an easy, hassle-free process to report and manage the claim.

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